- Sustaining help for our planet
This time we make the planet benefit from financial growth!
Currently invested:

1,515.00 USD

From last month's profit:
15.00 USD reinvested
20.00 USD donated

How it works

Step 1
Supporters who like the idea gift funds to the project

Step 2
The funds are invested and generate recurring profits for

Step 3 (monthly)


of the profits are donated directly to organizations that help saving the planet


of the profits are reinvested to constantly grow the project (after covering costs, e.g. taxes)
This way we create a constant and growing donation stream for the supported organizations.

Support now

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Projects we are currently supporting

Our latest donation of our profits

We made around 2% profits in March, which sums up to 15 USD for donation and 15 USD for reinvestment (costs are covered by us).
Since we don't like odd numbers, we rounded to 20 USD and donated to, which is our first handpicked project, that we will keep donating to.


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